A downloadable game

Victoria is a rhythm-based RPG game set in the Victorian-era (with a few caveats). A boss rush for suitable for everyone to enjoy. 

Use the ASDF keys for Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue keys respectively.


Lurking in the shadows of England are the Jurgens, a group of casters seeking to destroy London in the pursuit of wanton destruction. The Ackermanns, the royal guard of the Kingdom of England, is an elite family of Jurgen hunters, and are the only ones that stand in the way of the casters and the safety of England. With the protection of the Ackermanns, England has managed to stay safe since the earliest of times.

It is the year 1886. The Ackermann family has been attacked by the Jurgens and 5 siblings of the Ackermanns have been kidnapped. You play as Victoria Ackermann, the remaining active Ackermann, embarks on a journey to save her siblings before the Jurgens plunge London into chaos.

Designed in Unity, for the 2019 game jam, GameCraft!

Install instructions

Download your OS-specific version of Victoria, and place it wherever you like. Double-click the Victoria application to start.


Victoria-LINUX.zip 31 MB
Victoria-MAC.dmg 36 MB
Victoria-WIN.zip 30 MB
UserGuide.pdf 499 kB